Content Creator


High End Content

Creating entertaining content while growing a community. Let's have fun, laugh and vibe with the 24KSocials team on every stream. That's my dream to help grow this wonderful community we have! 


Content Creator


Best Mod on Twitch

Come join me on my grind to become the best useless mod on twitch (#monster4mod). I play a variety of games, from terrifying games, ping pong  to VR. I'm sure you'll have tons of fun like I will. So stick around to watch the Sexiest Monster on the twitch space. Oh yeah.... #monster4mod




Growing a Community

Growing an amazing community with an amazing organization, and amazing people.


Content Creator


Growing an amazing community

My goal is to succeed in streaming and to keep growing this amazing community!

De Ninja

Content Creator


Spreading Positivity

I’m a girl who loves gaming, spreading positivity and having fun with others. I love meeting new people and supporting the community.


Content Creator


Creating a Safe Space for All

I'm Jess and I'm a content creator who enjoys the competitive scene! My main goal is to create a safe space for everyone to feel valued and loved. I enjoy making others laugh whether I'm being goofy or raging. I am devoted to establishing strong connections with those in my community and I look forward to growing with 24K!

Too Sketch



Entertain in a Positive, Thriving Community

People call me Sketch. I am a pro Fortnite gamer dad. I am here to entertain and help build a positive, thriving community. I have been gaming for 30+ years. Born and raised in California. 


Content Creator


Fortnite Enthusiastic Streamer

Ambitious Fortnite player that loves to compete and play the game for fun to make some awesome content! My community consist of just awesome people/supporters all around from different communities that just loves to game and watch me become the streamer I always wanted to become. Love to see everyone else grow on this gaming and streaming journey. Would love to see the organization 24k succeed to the moon with everyone else in it! CHEERS! Hope to see you in the channel to check me out. Much love!


Graphics Designer


Creativity is the Greatest Expression of Liberty

Hello! I'm a small-time GFX editor/designer who's goal is to help people express themselves through graphics! I'm also planning to eventually start streaming on Twitch! Feel free to DM me on any socials for GFX requests! 




Be My Best Through Tough Times

My goal is to bring out the best in me and try my best. I’m trying to grow a friendly and positive community so anyone can join no matter how different! Even with the tough times I hope we can all have a blast together.


Video Editor


Editing Fortnite Highlights

Editing Fortnite highlights for fun. Trying to learn with everyone and make new memories in a community of my own